Weekly Challenge
You’ve got 52 weeks in a year to...

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Goal > Result > New goal > New result > ...

  • Goals

    Visualize desired results.

  • Units

    Use any units to measure results.

  • Challenges

    No limits on the number of challenges you take.

Weekly Challenge Demo iPhone

Weekly Challenges Pro

Veeery light application, which helps you make yourself better. There are just 3 magic rules:

  • Choose the goal

    Determine what you want to change, and which results you desire to achieve.

  • Measure results

    Work on the goal during the week and then record the result on the weekend.

  • Lead the charge

    When the result has been achieved, set 2-3 aside and sincerely enjoy the result, or even throw a party for that… and then go back to step 1 and choose the new goal.

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Weekly Challenge Chart

Way to success

The chart shows the values by week, and the red line indicates the goal you have set.

Change indicators

The application determines the direction of the goal you have set and shows the progress of your movement toward it.

Weekly Challenge Indicators
Weekly Challenge Units

Result measurement units

Use any units to measure results.

Weekly Challenges
Just for $1.99!

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