Task Organizer
Take control of important areas of your life

Useful tool that would not just show how balanced your life is, but also help you make it more harmonious.

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  • Areas

    Task Organizer helps you to not lose sight of major areas of life, which we often don't believe to be so important.

  • Grade

    Grade each area in the range from "Very Bad" to "Excellent". See where you are now and start moving.

  • Goals

    Set goals for each area, achieve them, mark the ones that are achieved and set new ones. Every goal you have achieved can revolutionize your life.

To-Do list

The list of your goals and objectives is provided as a checklist. Not only this is convenient, it also motivates to strive for them, as each new checkmark brings you closer to your dream.


Achievement indicators

Indicators allow you to see:

  • Which areas get the most of your time, and which ones get little or nothing at all.
  • How many goals you have achieved.


Organize your personal goals and objectives list – break it into categories. Use any number of categories.


Time collections

There are larger and smaller goals; some require more time and efforts, while others can be achieved within a couple of minutes.

Time collections are just what helps you separate the goals to be achieved within the year from the ones to be achieved this week.

Random goal

An incredibly useful tool, especially if it takes you a while to pick a goal for the next week or an objective to be achieved. The application offers you a random goal and two options: go for it now or give another try.

Sounds easy, but it really increases the number of achieved goals and objectives by times.



A new feature that allows working on multiple projects at once. Along with developing yourself, you can use the application in your work, when building a house, etc. Task Organizer application is just a tool.


Sometimes a printed list of goals and objectives is a must. Well, now you can easily have it.


Task Organizer
Just for $14.95!

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