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ProfExam Creator



Conducting test

Simple and friendly application for conducting tests, available on three platforms:
Mac OS X

iOS version

Fully functional application for iPhone / iPad allows playing EXAM files with tests with no restrictions whatsoever. All functions that are available in the desktop version are also available in the mobile version of ProfExam Player.

  • Managing files

    Quick access to your exam files, options to delete exams from the library and loading new files by code.

  • Two types of testing

    Conducting a virtual exam or doing self-preparation and receiving hints along the way.

  • Reviewing errors

    Reviewing correct and incorrect answers after testing.

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Correct answer

In the self-preparation mode, you can get hints while going through the test, and explanation why that is the correct answer... Of course, if the author of the exam has prepared such explanations.



Viewing images embedded in an exam is available with a single click.

Test results

Upon completion of the test, you can see the overall results of the completed test and a table with results on each question.