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  • Calendar

    Listing transactions is a boring chore, liked by true accountants only.

  • Reports

    At any moment of time, you can get your budget report, which reflects all the estimated and actual data and the difference between them.

  • Budget

    Strange as it seems, Money Calendar is just designed to run your household budget.

  • Warnings

    Software should help you do your job with ease and comfort. We love our product but require it to do its job.

  • Simplicity

    Moving a transaction to other day, marking it as completed or simply finding a certain transaction is now much easier.

  • Planning

    What's the easiest way to lay out a financial plan for the next week or month? You just need to see the picture!


Financial Planning

Money Calendar stands out of the crowd of other personal finance software solutions by offering to keep track of the money right on the calendar. That is really cool, as using a calendar for planning your finances is a lot more convenient and intuitive than making up those long lists, which you would have to figure out first. Money Calendar links financial planning and money management together; i.e. here you wouldn't need to do anything extra - you are doing the bookkeeping and planning simultaneously. It's simple.


Budget planning is an integral part of the money management. We have done our best to make this process as simple as possible and teach Money Calendar to also detect the excess of a defined budget. And we made it! Now, if the amount exceeds the planned budget, the program "unobtrusively" notify you of that.


Past, Present and Future

With Money Calendar, you can do a lot more than merely keeping records of current finances - you can analyze the past and plan the future revenue and expenses. That won't require you to do any special actions or plan all kinds of silly questions like "How much are you planning to earn in a year?" Simply keep records of your finances, open the project statistics, and you will clearly see how much you are planning to get in a year (a week or a month).

Seeing Makes It Easier

The chart on images below shows the state of your finances for a month. Take a look at it. Done? Was it really easy? It's been less than a second, and you already have an idea how you can close this month. If you edit, delete or create a new transaction, the diagram will instantly show you the changes.


This diagram is not the only thing that will help you analyze your data while you're busy with it. The project statistics diagram will show you the overall state of your finances. The expenses by category diagram will help you determine which category is the most wasteful, and which one is the most profitable.

Also, at your disposal are 6 standard reports, upon which you can create your own reports.


Get Rid of Excess

Usually, when managing personal finances or small business finances, you'd use more than one account. Sometimes it may be useful to focus on a certain account to get a more detailed review. Money Calendar will help you do that with ease. Just a couple of clicks is all that's required to disable temporarily the accounts you don't need at the moment, and the application will run as if they didn't even exist.

Different Currencies

Got several accounts and they are in different currencies? That's no longer a problem. You won't even notice any difference. You won't need to provide the exchange rate for each transaction, manually convert the amount from one currency to another. Forget about these troubles.

At your disposal are over 150 different currency exchange rates, which you can update every day free of charge, and all your updates will be stored in your project. That means you have over 150 currency exchange rates every day. Take a look at the image below, and everything will become clear.


More Opportunities, Less Hardship!

If you need to control your personal finances or you are an owner of a small business, Money Calendar will be a perfect solution for you. Money Calendar carries all functions necessary for keeping records of your finances without an expertise in business accounting.

Money Calendar
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