Assist Focus
Help Desk on Kanban Board

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Host the Knowledge Base on your own website and handle tickets via API.


Tailor email notifications to your corporate style and notify your technicians of ticket updates while they are on the go.

Companies & Brands

Manage multiple companies and brands.

Kanban Board

Visual representation of the current state of the system at any moment of time.

Spam Filter

Easily configurable Spam will save time for your support staff.


Create a friendly self-service portal with guides and how-to's enhanced by images, charts, presentations, and videos.



Details at fingertips and convenient workflow ensure that customers will get required help promptly.

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Knowledge Base


Create a customer self-service center that features:
• Rich text formatting.
• Pasting images and YouTube movies.
• Searching through articles and obtaining relevant results.
• Getting customer feedback on the value of the articles.

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Incredibly powerful and convenient system, which we have adapted for customer care service.

Assist Focus allows agents to treat tickets as individual cards, and operations like changing status of or closing the ticket, removing or marking the author as spammer can be done by just dragging the object with the mouse.

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Cu s to mi z e

Tailor your customer self-service portal to your corporate style.


Companies & Brands

Centralized support

Your company supports multiple independent brands?

Bad news: That generates extra expenses.
Good news: We have solved that problem.

No more making up various combinations of tags, folders or using other tricks to separate them and avoid mixing up into one huge pile. Assist Focus was originally designed to operate in this environment.

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Web Site Widget

Widget that can be embedded in any website and let you get questions and feedback from website visitors.


API Access

Access your data

Thanks to the possibility to access your data via API, you can not only embed the Knowledge Base in your website, but also develop your own solutions for handling Assist Focus tickets and reports.

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