ProfExam Creator knows a bit about PDF files

ProfExam Creator knows a bit about PDF files

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A long-awaited update to ProfExam Creator, which you've been asking for, has finally been released.

We didn't engage into implementing the import of PDF files earlier because we were unable to find a sufficient enough solution for that job. But finally, just a few days ago, the first PDF has been successfully imported to ProfExam Creator. It should be mentioned that we are still testing this feature, so minor issues and bugs with importing files are possible. If you are the happy person who's caught those, please report them to our technical support ( and don't forget to attach the PDF file.

Another minor improvement - we have slightly polished the user interface in the editor, so it is now much more pleasant to work with.

New UI - ProfExam Creator 3.5

The update terms remain unchanged: $0.00 USD. The application should update.


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