Updated Screen Recorder

Posted in Windows, Screen Recorder on Feb 17, 2015

Fixed minor problem. Now the application automatically gives new names to records, and if the file exists – prompts to overwrite it. The answer to the question “Why haven't you done this earlier?” has still not been found.

The application is still free and is available for downloading on its home page at: http://www.sketchman-studio.com/rylstim-screen-recorder/

Screen Recorder has grown to version 2.0

Posted in Windows, Screen Recorder, Developer Tools on Jun 03, 2014

Great news for those who prefer using Screen Recorder for capturing on-screen video. The new version allows you to select the monitor to capture the video from.
What concerns the appearance, it has been slightly changed:

Screen Recorder 2.0

You can still download and use Screen Recorder absolutely free of charge; just follow this link: http://sketchman-studio.com/rylstim-screen-recorder/