ProfExam Player for Ubuntu has been released

Posted in ProfExam, Education, Linux, Ubuntu on Aug 10, 2016

Done! ProfExam Player now runs under Linux. To be more precise, Ubuntu 15.x/16.x.

We have done our best to port the application's functionality most precisely, taking into account peculiarities of software development under Linux. The application also has a Manager for *.EXAM files and a Player for conducting the testing. Here is what it looks like:

ProfExam Player for Ubuntu - Show Answer ProfExam Player for Ubuntu - Show Results

The application still undergoes testing, so some issues may arise. If you are the happy user who has stumbled upon one of them, please tell us about it.

To download the deb package, please visit: ProfExam Player for Ubuntu

Now ProfExam will be a little bit quickly

Posted in ProfExam, Windows, Education on Jul 29, 2016

One more time we have changed the format of the file ('hello' to any sites lie 'vce trainer'), but this time we have optimized the process of preservation and opening of files. So even if there are a lot of graphics in your exam, the new format will allow you to save some time.

Thank you from the ProfExam team

Posted in ProfExam, Windows, Education on Jul 29, 2016

It is terrible! But, to tell the truth, we forgot to say thank you for the activation of ProfExam.

We have became better. Now after successful activation of ProfExam, you will see how we do it and you will be sure that the product is really activated.

Thanks from the team ProfExam

We are awfully sorry that we did so but we became better. It is really so!

ProfExam has been updated. New version is available

Posted in ProfExam, Windows, iPhone, Education, Linux, Ubuntu on Jul 14, 2016

Finally, we have done what you have waited for so long for and asked us for – limiting the number of questions for conducting a test session. That means that even if in your exam you have 100 or 200 questions, you can select, say, 15 questions from the entire exam and work with just them.

This feature has become available in several platforms at once:

To take advantage of the limits, simply set the number of required questions before the testing:

ProfExam. Questions's limit

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: ProfExam Player

ProfExam Player for Windows now provides more details on test results

Posted in ProfExam, Windows, Education on Jun 03, 2016

ProfExam Player for Windows upon completion of testing used to display test results and a table with questions marked whether the answer given was correct or not.

ProfExam Player - Result View

What has changed?

The latest update allows looking at results more closely. Double-clicking on a question in the results table switches you to review mode, where you can look through questions, answers, and explanations.

ProfExam Player - Question details view

The update, will run automatically. If not, you can download the latest versions from the product's home pages:

ProfExam Suite:
ProfExam Player:

This update is 100% free. To activate the application, use your existing key.

Another update for ProfExam Creator

Posted in ProfExam, Windows on Feb 13, 2016

This is a quick fix for the error that caused failure to save spaces properly. In other words, when you needed to place more than one space, the application used to shrink them to a single space.

And another thing. It seems we have resolved the issue of continuous updates.

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: ProfExam Suite

We have worked on usability for ProfExam Creator

Posted in ProfExam, Windows on Feb 07, 2016

Excellent news for those of you who have been waiting for the moment when ProfExam Creator's operations over questions become more convenient: it's happened.

So, first, you can now copy the entire question and then paste it to the other exam. You are not even limited by the current test – questions can be pasted this way in any other open ProfExam editor as well.

If you need to move a question from one exam to the other, now you can do that easier than ever, by dragging it with the mouse.

Also, there are new hotkeys for working with the questions tree:

  • Ins – insert a new exam or question
  • Del – delete exam or question
  • F2 – rename item
  • Ctrl+C – copy question to clipboard
  • Ctrl-X – cut question
  • Ctrl-V – paste question

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: ProfExam Suite

ProfExam Creator – new importing feature

Posted in ProfExam, Windows on Jan 31, 2016

A more detailed description of the PDF file structure can be found in Importing files.

So, when importing data, you used to be able to use the following keywords:

  • "NewExam"
  • "Exam A"
  • "Exam B" и т.д.

In such cases, when importing, ProfExam Creator automatically named the respective exams as "Exam 1", "Exam 2", ...

Now, if you need to specify a certain exam name, you can simply enter:
NewExam: New Exam Title

After importing, you will obtain the following result:

ProfExam 3.6 for Mac OS X is now available

Posted in ProfExam, Mac OS X on Dec 21, 2015

A few days ago Apple have approved ProfExam Player update for Mac OS X, which contains changes that allows launching exam files of the new format. So, if you keep getting the message that the file format is old, it's time to update the application on Apple Store.

ProfExam Player for Mac OS X:

The new version for iOS is now available with a new price

Posted in ProfExam, iPhone, iPad on Dec 15, 2015

Two pleasant news at once for iOS users:

First, if the application used to crash on your iPhone 6, most likely, we hope, it’s not going to do that. We have brought a bunch of changes into the new version, as, to be honest, we didn’t know what exactly caused the crashes on some devices.

The new file format is already supported by the new version, so if you have run into a message that the file could not be open – that has already been fixed.

Another good news is the markdown of the price. We surely do like the price of $14.99 USD for the application much better than the new price, but we have decided to mark it down by 7 times. So, the new price for ProfExam Player for iOS is now $1.99 USD.

ProfExam Player for iOS: