The new version for iOS is now available with a new price

Posted in ProfExam, iPhone, iPad on Dec 15, 2015

Two pleasant news at once for iOS users:

First, if the application used to crash on your iPhone 6, most likely, we hope, it’s not going to do that. We have brought a bunch of changes into the new version, as, to be honest, we didn’t know what exactly caused the crashes on some devices.

The new file format is already supported by the new version, so if you have run into a message that the file could not be open – that has already been fixed.

Another good news is the markdown of the price. We surely do like the price of $14.99 USD for the application much better than the new price, but we have decided to mark it down by 7 times. So, the new price for ProfExam Player for iOS is now $1.99 USD.

ProfExam Player for iOS:

ProfExam Player 3.5 is now on Apple Store

Posted in ProfExam, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad on Feb 20, 2015

The latest version of ProfExam Player is no longer Windows-only; it is now available for Mac OS X and iOS.

ProfExam Player for Mac OS X:
ProfExam Player for iOS:
ProfExam Suite for Windows: