Welcome Usability Studio 4

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Mar 10, 2015

Usability Studio 4.0

We have put a lot of effort into Usability Studio and significantly improved the application.

Here are the main things we have done:

  • Changed testing control window.
  • Optimized session recording process.
  • Improved quality of video recording viewed in the full screen mode.
  • Changed the application’s user interface – it has become friendlier and more serious.
  • Improved application update routine.
  • Added hints.
  • And, of course, fixed found bugs.

Testing control window

Here is what it looks like now:

Usability Studio 4.0

What's new?

  • Added timer, which allows watching the duration of current session.
  • This window can be hidden. Just click on the arrow in the bottom-left area, and the window will no longer bother you. To display it, simply bring the mouse pointer to the upper area of the screen.
  • Full test details are now displayed in a separate window, which is much more convenient for long tasks.
  • Thanks to the new design, the window no longer gets lost among others as it used to be.

Performance optimization

The application's performance during recording has significantly grown. That affected both quality and dynamics of the videos you create; they are no longer "slow-motioned" but rather much more alive.

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: http://www.sketchman-studio.com/usability-studio/

Usability Studio: Selecting the monitor to record your test from

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Jun 28, 2014

If you have more than one monitor on your computer, you will likely be happy to find out that now Usability Studio can record the image from any of the monitors at your choice.

You can select the monitor at the beginning of recording a test. If the system has additional monitors, the familiar black screen will have the drop-down list:

Usability Studio and second monitor

The new version is already available for download.

You can still buy Usability Studio at the old price.

JsonParser and correct JSON

Posted in Mac OS X, Developer Tools on Jun 24, 2014

The first version of JsonParser was meant mostly for parsing JSON lines and presenting the records in a human-comprehensible form. Another way to practically use the app is to validate JSON lines.

JsonParser 2 - update

We have slightly modified the application, so that now at the output you get a really valid JSON format. Well, or a message with information on the error.

The update is already available at AppStore, and it is still completely free.

Screen Recorder has grown to version 2.0

Posted in Windows, Screen Recorder, Developer Tools on Jun 03, 2014

Great news for those who prefer using Screen Recorder for capturing on-screen video. The new version allows you to select the monitor to capture the video from.
What concerns the appearance, it has been slightly changed:

Screen Recorder 2.0

You can still download and use Screen Recorder absolutely free of charge; just follow this link: http://sketchman-studio.com/rylstim-screen-recorder/

Usability Studio is now 1 bug free

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Jul 03, 2012

Thanks to a bug report, a major bug has been eliminated in Usability Studio. The application crashed when attempting to export video longer than 2 hours.

You don't need to take any action to get the update, the software updates automatically.

Improved navigation in Usability Studio 3.1

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Mar 14, 2012

First, we have slightly improved the navigation over projects and sessions.

Added new keyboard shortcuts:

  • Switching between the "Projects" and "Sessions" lists can now be done using the "Right" and "Left" arrow keys respectively.
  • The preview can be opened by pressing the "Enter" key.

Second, we have slightly modified project opening. Now, if you need to add a project (or session) created on other computer, simply copy it to the folder with all your projects and launch the application.

Finally, of course, we have fixed all the bugs found.

Long-awaited Usability Studio update

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Aug 03, 2011

Working with the usability testing application is now much more convenient.

One of the major updates is the application's interface. We have completely reworked it, made it more convenient, intuitive and friendly.

Here is what Usability Studio 3 now looks like:

Usability Studio 3

Usability Studio 3 supports automatic updates. That means that you will always have the latest version of the software.

Other changes related to the application's internal operations and eliminating errors.

We hope you find Usability Studio useful!

Exporting Results to Video

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Dec 30, 2009

Now exports usability testing results to a regular video file. So, now you can view your testing results in a regular video player.

We've got a new Usability Studio

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Nov 07, 2009

In Usability Studio 2, we have improved the application's user interface and added new features. Managing projects, creating videos and viewing test results just got much simpler.

Refresh and improve your software and websites with the new Usability Studio 2.

For registered users, the upgrade would cost just $9.95.