Configuring Backup in Money Calendar

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Aug 01, 2011

A light improvement that allows disabling backing up your project or changing the number of backup files.

To configure this option, use the "Options" window (Tools>Options).

Configuring Backup

If you do not need to backup, clear the check box.

To change the number of backup files, edit the number.

To apply and save changes, click OK.

Choose your color

Posted in Task Organizer on Jul 08, 2010

A light, but still pleasing update: now you can change the application background color.

We have picked 8 more application color themes, so now you can paint the application to the color you like the best.

Another update - added percentage progress indicator for goals set for each area of life and the overall percentage indicator for the entire project.

This update makes your work with projects and tracing areas of life much simpler and more convenient than it had been.

We've also fixed a serious error that occurred when attempting to rename a category.

Registered users can update Wheel of Life totally free of charge. If you still haven't purchased the software, we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to download and use it free of charge for 20 days.

You can buy your copy of Wheel of Life in the Buy Now section.

Start making your life better!

Setting goals in the Mac OS X edition

Posted in Mac OS X, Task Organizer on Feb 22, 2010

You can now set goals for your areas.

Make sure to download the latest version and begin using goals.

If you have purchased the version 1.0, you can get this update free of charge.

Mac OS X Edition Ready!

Posted in Mac OS X, Task Organizer on Feb 17, 2010

Great news! Now Mac users too can take advantage of the Task Organizer.

The Mac OS X 10.5 edition is still somewhat limited compared to the Windows edition, but we will try to fix that shortly.

Exporting Results to Video

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Dec 30, 2009

Now exports usability testing results to a regular video file. So, now you can view your testing results in a regular video player.

How can you take advantage of the Shopping List?

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Dec 08, 2009

Have you ever experienced the situation when you have decided to buy something but have not decoded when you are going to do that? If you have, then you will probably like this new feature - keeping the buy wish list.

We have discovered that many, including us, use notepads, sticky notes try to keep in mind everything they would like to buy next month, next year or just some time in the future. Notepad - you can forget to look at it, the notes can be lost, and the thoughts can be forgotten.

We have solved this problem too. Now you can record all your purchase wishes in the same place where you do your financial planning.

Thus, you will not only "not forget" - but raise the chance to include the desired purchase in your plan.

We've got a new Usability Studio

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Nov 07, 2009

In Usability Studio 2, we have improved the application's user interface and added new features. Managing projects, creating videos and viewing test results just got much simpler.

Refresh and improve your software and websites with the new Usability Studio 2.

For registered users, the upgrade would cost just $9.95.

The new version runs under Windows XP

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Oct 22, 2009

We have made the changes that enabled running Usability Studio under Windows XP.

Rylstim Budget 4

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Oct 19, 2009

We have taught our program to automatically save all changes in a project, so you will no longer have to check whether or not your project has been saved.

The second, not a less important feature, is undoing last actions (Undo\Redo). That means you can now take any actions over your project and not worry for your data, as everything can be easily restored.

The rest of the changes primarily apply to the internal functioning of the program and eliminating errors found.

Budget excess check since Rylstim Budget 3.7

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Jul 22, 2009

Beginning with Rylstim Budget 3.7, you can take advantage of a new feature, budget excess check. That means that now you can not only define a budget for a category and obtain the report on the planned and actual expenses, but also find out quickly when you exceed it.

The update also features:

  • Changing calendar font.
  • Localizing categories.
  • Adding new currencies, Malagasy Ariary (MGA).

And other minor improvements and bug fixes.