JsonParser and correct JSON

Posted in Mac OS X, Developer Tools on Jun 24, 2014

The first version of JsonParser was meant mostly for parsing JSON lines and presenting the records in a human-comprehensible form. Another way to practically use the app is to validate JSON lines.

JsonParser 2 - update

We have slightly modified the application, so that now at the output you get a really valid JSON format. Well, or a message with information on the error.

The update is already available at AppStore, and it is still completely free.

Screen Recorder has grown to version 2.0

Posted in Windows, Screen Recorder, Developer Tools on Jun 03, 2014

Great news for those who prefer using Screen Recorder for capturing on-screen video. The new version allows you to select the monitor to capture the video from.
What concerns the appearance, it has been slightly changed:

Screen Recorder 2.0

You can still download and use Screen Recorder absolutely free of charge; just follow this link: http://sketchman-studio.com/rylstim-screen-recorder/

Task Organizer 2 is now available for Windows

Posted in Windows, Task Organizer on Mar 06, 2014

Yes, we did it! We have finally upgraded the Windows version of the application too. Moreover, we have tried to make their look and feel as close as it could be. So, please welcome Wheel Of Life 2 for Windows:

Most significant innovations (same as for Mac OS X):

Wheel Of Life 2 for Windows

Wheel Of Life 2 for Windows

  • Multiple projects. This opens new opportunities that we are going to cover a bit further, as promised.
  • Unlimited areas. We had been inquired quite often to change the number of sectors in the Wheel of Life; however, in the previous version the number was fixed, only 8.
  • No more running through multiple windows. All your goals are conveniently visualized and spread throughout the areas, appearing as one whole list. The very first minutes of testing (version for Mac OS X) revealed that this presentation of the list of goals is incredibly convenient.

Concerning the upgrade. None of us know why this has happened, but we made this upgrade available free of charge. Some time in the future we will charge for upgrading applications, but this time you can simply download the application and enter your registration data.

You can buy Wheel Of Life at the same low price of $19.95.

Welcome - Task Organizer 2.0 for Mac OS X!

Posted in Mac OS X, Task Organizer on Feb 10, 2014

We have redesigned the application and took into account lots of your wishes. The coolest thing first, and that's appearance. The new version is significantly different from the previous one, see for yourself:

Task Organizer 2.0 for Mac OS X

No more need to open a bunch of windows as it used to be. Your entire plan, all your areas and goals are now at your fingertips. Usability testing has revealed the efficiency of achieving goals increasing while the time spent on the planning decreasing by much. Well, we are just happy to know that.

Project management

The new nice appearance is not the only innovation. You used to be able to manage just one project, now the application allows you to manage as many projects as you find necessary. Thus, the application could serve you not only as a personal efficiency tool, but we will cover this later. We are going to publish a number of articles on other ways of utilizing the Task Organizer software and tell you how you can take advantage of the application in your business, when building a house, etc.

Areas on the Task Organizer

Another important innovation that extends the capabilities of the software is removal of restrictions on the number of areas per project. So, if 8 areas were insufficient for managing your goals, it’s no longer a problem to have more.

Random success

And the last but not the least, a new incredibly efficient feature, “Random goal”. If you aren’t sure which goal is the best one to pursue, as all of them are important and necessary, try relying on luck. The program will automatically propose you a randomly picked goal. You are to decide whether to drop everything else and tackle that goal right off or doubt on; however, our feedback suggests this method has shown its best side. Trust us, just pressing "^+Cmd+R" can lead you to success in the real life much faster.

Download the application, work on yourself and enjoy life!

How to complete 100% of tasks every day?

Posted in Task Organizer, Productivity on Apr 11, 2013

Why the majority of our tasks are not completed and are simply postponed to the next day? Plenty of articles, time management trainings and motivators continually assert us: we simply set too many goals. Many of us at Rylstim face this constantly. So, we decided to figure out a way to complete 100% of our tasks every day.

The solution appeared to be quite simple. We have combined our Wheel of Life application and an interesting rule known as Rule of Three. You can look up further information on Rule of Thee on the Net, but briefly we suggest that for each area of your wheel of life you set only 3 goals to be achieved per day.

Naturally, those shouldn't be the tasks of the "Put the left sock on", "Put the right sock on" series… Such minor tasks could be set aside in a separate schedule, which you could name, for example, "To Do Today". Here you should specify 3 major tasks that are required for improving your life in this area.

But that’s not all. Next, we suggest that out of these 3 goals in each area of your Wheel of Life you choose only one goal and set its priority to "High". No other high-priority goals should accompany it in this area. The rest can have "Normal" or "Low" priority – that doesn’t matter as long as you have 1 goal (just 1!), which is the most important.

You have achieved all the goals set in your plan for today and watching the fondest result "100%", and the sun is still high. Lucky you! If you still have the desire to further improve your life today, you can go ahead and set new goals, even regardless of any rules, just any way you like. But tomorrow… Tomorrow is a new day, which carries new 3 goals for each area.

Good luck in achieving your goals!

Synchronizing Money Calendar projects

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Jan 10, 2013

Rylstim Budget is unable to synchronize data between several computers. Nevertheless, that does not mean it cannot be done, period. To synchronize, you can use services like Drop Box, Google Drive and similar ones. Let’s review synchronization using Drop Box.

Each Rylstim Budget project is stored as a separate file. Therefore, all you need to do in order to synchronize is place your project file to the Drop Box folder.

Copying project to Dropbox folder

To open a file with your project, you can just double-click on it. Every time you save the project, Drop Box sends the new data to your account.

Dropbox folder with a synchronized Rylstim Budget project

A couple of advantages of this method are:

  • You do not need to enter your Drop Box account details in Rylstim Budget.
  • You can place the file anywhere within the Drop Box folder as you find it most convenient.

Easy to copy, easy to paste

Posted in Money Calendar, Windows on Aug 22, 2012

A small improvement that for unknown reasons had not yet been implemented is now available in Money Calendar. We are talking about copying and pasting using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. This simple and trivial change does actually make the use of the application simpler.

What and where can you copy? You can copy, cut and paste financial transactions only. This can be used in the following two places:

  • Calendar: Allows copying all transactions of the day at once.
  • Transaction window: Allows copying individual records and paste any number of them.

The best way is to use the standard keyboard shortcuts. Just in case, let me remind you of those:

  • Copy – Ctrl+C
  • Cut – Ctrl+X
  • Paste – Ctrl+V

Usability Studio is now 1 bug free

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Jul 03, 2012

Thanks to a bug report, a major bug has been eliminated in Usability Studio. The application crashed when attempting to export video longer than 2 hours.

You don't need to take any action to get the update, the software updates automatically.

Improved navigation in Usability Studio 3.1

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Mar 14, 2012

First, we have slightly improved the navigation over projects and sessions.

Added new keyboard shortcuts:

  • Switching between the "Projects" and "Sessions" lists can now be done using the "Right" and "Left" arrow keys respectively.
  • The preview can be opened by pressing the "Enter" key.

Second, we have slightly modified project opening. Now, if you need to add a project (or session) created on other computer, simply copy it to the folder with all your projects and launch the application.

Finally, of course, we have fixed all the bugs found.

Long-awaited Usability Studio update

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Aug 03, 2011

Working with the usability testing application is now much more convenient.

One of the major updates is the application's interface. We have completely reworked it, made it more convenient, intuitive and friendly.

Here is what Usability Studio 3 now looks like:

Usability Studio 3

Usability Studio 3 supports automatic updates. That means that you will always have the latest version of the software.

Other changes related to the application's internal operations and eliminating errors.

We hope you find Usability Studio useful!