Random Questions and Answers in ProfExam Player for Windows

Posted in ProfExam, Windows on Apr 05, 2015

Answer random questions. The new version of ProfExam Player has 2 options that allow tossing questions and answer options before beginning your test.

Random Questions and Answers in ProfExam Player for Windows

Welcome Usability Studio 4

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Mar 10, 2015

Usability Studio 4.0

We have put a lot of effort into Usability Studio and significantly improved the application.

Here are the main things we have done:

  • Changed testing control window.
  • Optimized session recording process.
  • Improved quality of video recording viewed in the full screen mode.
  • Changed the application’s user interface – it has become friendlier and more serious.
  • Improved application update routine.
  • Added hints.
  • And, of course, fixed found bugs.

Testing control window

Here is what it looks like now:

Usability Studio 4.0

What's new?

  • Added timer, which allows watching the duration of current session.
  • This window can be hidden. Just click on the arrow in the bottom-left area, and the window will no longer bother you. To display it, simply bring the mouse pointer to the upper area of the screen.
  • Full test details are now displayed in a separate window, which is much more convenient for long tasks.
  • Thanks to the new design, the window no longer gets lost among others as it used to be.

Performance optimization

The application's performance during recording has significantly grown. That affected both quality and dynamics of the videos you create; they are no longer "slow-motioned" but rather much more alive.

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: http://www.sketchman-studio.com/usability-studio/

ProfExam Player 3.5 is now on Apple Store

Posted in ProfExam, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad on Feb 20, 2015

The latest version of ProfExam Player is no longer Windows-only; it is now available for Mac OS X and iOS.

ProfExam Player for Mac OS X: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/profexam-player/id896400321?mt=12
ProfExam Player for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/profexam-player/id915274353?mt=8
ProfExam Suite for Windows: http://sketchman-studio.com/profexam/

ProfExam Creator knows a bit about PDF files

Posted in ProfExam, Windows on Feb 19, 2015

A long-awaited update to ProfExam Creator, which you've been asking for, has finally been released.

We didn't engage into implementing the import of PDF files earlier because we were unable to find a sufficient enough solution for that job. But finally, just a few days ago, the first PDF has been successfully imported to ProfExam Creator. It should be mentioned that we are still testing this feature, so minor issues and bugs with importing files are possible. If you are the happy person who's caught those, please report them to our technical support (support@rylstim.com) and don't forget to attach the PDF file.

Another minor improvement - we have slightly polished the user interface in the editor, so it is now much more pleasant to work with.

New UI - ProfExam Creator 3.5

The update terms remain unchanged: $0.00 USD. The application should update.

Updated Screen Recorder

Posted in Windows, Screen Recorder on Feb 17, 2015

Fixed minor problem. Now the application automatically gives new names to records, and if the file exists – prompts to overwrite it. The answer to the question “Why haven't you done this earlier?” has still not been found.

The application is still free and is available for downloading on its home page at: http://www.sketchman-studio.com/rylstim-screen-recorder/

ProfExam Suite 3.5 for Windows is now available

Posted in ProfExam, Windows on Feb 02, 2015

At this moment, the update is only available for Windows. The Mac OS X and iOS versions are waiting to be approved in AppStore.

What we have changed:

  • We had to change the file format, as the old format could not handle files of large size.
  • ProfExam Creator now opens files with the *.exam extension as well.
  • The toolbar now has a button for publishing files in the ".exam" format.
  • Slightly improved importing text files.
  • Fixed bugs that caused abnormal termination of the applications (both Player and Creator).
  • Internal improvement of the application automatic update feature.
  • Fixed minor flaws. (Can anyone sustain without them?)

The update, we hope, will run automatically. If not, you can download the latest versions from the products’ home pages:

ProfExam Suite: http://sketchman-studio.com/profexam/
ProfExam Player: http://sketchman-studio.com/profexam-player/

This update is 100% free. To activate the application, use your existing key.

ProfExam Player 3.1 is now available!

Posted in ProfExam, Mac OS X on Nov 24, 2014

ProfExam Player 3.1 for Mac OS X

The changes affected both the editor and the player.

Changes in the editor:

  • Added option to change question type.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented users from storing the question section properly.
  • Improved importing text files. Now the editor attempts to automatically restore the line breaks when importing exams.
  • Selected a better default font.

Changes in the exam player:

  • Fixed the bug that prevented from displaying the lists properly.
  • Added color coding for questions that marks whether the answer is correct.
  • Improved appearance of questions: the space between the paragraphs is no longer that huge.
  • ... Fixed other minor bugs and flaws.

The new version is available for downloading at: Apple AppStore

Downloading exams is available in ProfExam Player for Mac OS X

Posted in ProfExam, Mac OS X on Nov 24, 2014

We had to wait for a little while, but recently Apple have finally accepted the update for ProfExam Player. The new version has two noticeable changes:

  • The application's icon now looks this way, so you won't have to look for your old tie after the update.
  • Exams can now be downloaded from the server at profexam.com. Obviously, you need to upload it there beforehand and obtain the code. A similar feature is also available in the iOS version.

And of course, we couldn't avoid fixing minor bugs.

ProfExam Player for Mac OS X: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/profexam-player/id896400321?ls=1&mt=12

ProfExam Player for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/profexam-player/id915274353?ls=1&mt=8

ProfExam Player for iOS is available on the App Store!

Posted in ProfExam, iPhone on Oct 24, 2014

ProfExam Player for iPhone

While Apple was trying to make a phone-sized tablet and a tablet-sized phone, we were trying to fit our desktop application ProfExam Player in the mobile phone. Finally, it has happened: they have got iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini, and we have got ProfExam Player for all those devices.

Some of the functionality is still under development, but the major functions are already available. On top of that, in the iOS version, the exams can be downloaded from the server at http://profexam.com, although they are to be uploaded there first. Other than that, that’s the very same ProfExam Player, although it costs much cheaper, from $4.99 - $9.99.

ProfExam Player for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/profexam-player/id915274353?ls=1&mt=8

Usability Studio: Selecting the monitor to record your test from

Posted in Usability Studio, Windows, Developer Tools on Jun 28, 2014

If you have more than one monitor on your computer, you will likely be happy to find out that now Usability Studio can record the image from any of the monitors at your choice.

You can select the monitor at the beginning of recording a test. If the system has additional monitors, the familiar black screen will have the drop-down list:

Usability Studio and second monitor

The new version is already available for download.

You can still buy Usability Studio at the old price.